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About Sports Sweet...

What's in a name? You know those times when you really need a term that is just not in the dictionary? Well, that is how "Sports Sweet" came to be.  My photography "first love" was sports action and that was the term I used for describing the emotional side of sports.  My boys always gave me such grief about my use of the term, that when it came time to name the business it was a no-brainer. :)

"Sports Sweet" is a catch all term for what I shoot:  SPORTS ACTION, as well as the celebrations, victories and defeats; all the sweet memories of TEEN LIFE; sweet CHILDREN & FAMILIES; PORTRAITS & CORPORATE HEADSHOTS are certainly sweet when a portrait is gifted to someone special or a professional headshot boosts a career on LinkedIn, etc! 

Enjoy your visit to the site and galleries.  If you do not see that I have photographed something and are wondering if I "can"...please email and ask. 

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